The latest standards and regulations – involving the UK, US, Philippines, Mexico market

1. The UK updates the specified standards for toy safety regulations 2. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission issues the safety standards for baby slings 3. The Philippines issues an administrative decree to update the standards for household appliances and wires and cables4. The new Mexican LED light bulb safety standards take effect on September 135. Thailand's new toy safety standard will be implemented on September 22. 6. From September 24, the US "Baby Bath Standard Consumer Safety Specification" will take effect

1. The specified standards for the updated toy safety regulations in the UK will be IEC 60335-2-13:2021 fryer appliances, IEC 60335-2-52:2021 oral hygiene appliances, IEC 60335-2-59:2021 mosquito control Appliances and 4 standard editions of IEC 60335-2-64:2021 Commercial Electric Kitchen Machinery Update Key Analysis: IEC 60335-2-13:2021 Particular requirements for deep fryers, frying pans and similar appliances

2. CPSC Publishes Safety Standard for Infant Sling Bags The CPSC published a notice in the Federal Register on June 3, 2022 that the revised safety standard for infant slings is available, and the revised standard for Security implications solicited. No comments have been received so far. Consistent with the update process of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, this regulation once again updates the mandatory standard for infant slings by referencing ASTM F2907-22, the voluntary standard of the American Society for Testing and Materials, while retaining the additional warning label. Require. The regulation will take effect on November 19, 2022.

3. The Philippines issued an administrative decree to update the standards of household appliances and wires and cables. The DTI of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry issued an administrative law to update the mandatory product standards. "DAO 22-02"; In order to ensure that all stakeholders have sufficient time to adjust and ensure that products meet the new requirements; the decree will be officially implemented 24 months after it comes into force. The main points of the decree's implementation are as follows: All locally manufactured or imported mandatory products must meet the new standards stipulated in the decree; if there are any new changes in labeling requirements, product sampling or testing requirements, BPS should issue a new DAO administrative decree or memorandum to notify all stakeholders. Applicants for PS certificate can voluntarily apply for PS mark certification in accordance with the new standard and the existing certification process within 24 months before the implementation of the decree; all BPS accredited laboratories must obtain testing of the new standard within 24 months after the issuance of the decree Qualification; if there is no BPS accredited laboratory in the Philippines, PS and ICC applicants can choose to delegate testing to a third-party accredited laboratory with an ILAC/APAC-MRA agreement in the country of origin or other regions. The DAO 22-02 decree covers basic coverage of products requiring standard upgrades: irons, food processors, liquid heaters, ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, ballasts, LED bulbs, light strings, plugs, sockets, extension cord assemblies and other household electrical appliances, please refer to the link for the specific product and standard list. On June 15, 2022, DTI of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry issued an administrative decree "DAO 22-07" on the update of BPS mandatory wire and cable product standards; products covered by this regulation It is a wire and cable with a customs code category of 8514.11.20; Philippine electrical product certification summary: DTI: Department of Trade and industry Department of Trade and Industry BPS: Bureau of Product Standards Product Standards Bureau PNS: Philippine National Standards Philippine National Standards BPS is the Philippines A government agency under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), which is the national standards body of the Philippines, responsible for developing/adopting, implementing, and promoting Philippine National Standards (PNS), and implementing product testing and certification programs. The Product Certification Department in the Philippines, also known as the Action Team (AT5), is led by a department head and supported by a technically competent product manager and 3 technical support staff. AT5 provides reliable assurance for products through independent quality and safety assurance. The operation of the product certification scheme is as follows: Philippine Standard (PS) Quality Certification Mark License Scheme (the certification mark is as follows: ) Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Scheme (Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) Scheme)


Manufacturers or importers whose products are listed in the compulsory product list shall not engage in sales or distribution activities without obtaining a PS mark license or an ICC license for customs clearance of imported goods issued by the Bureau of Product Standards.

4. The new Mexican LED light bulb safety standard came into effect on September 13. The Mexican Economic Secretariat announced the release of a new standard for integrated light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs for general lighting.
NMX-I-J-324-NYCE-ANCE-2022, this standard covers LED bulbs with rated power below 150 W, rated voltage greater than 50 V and less than 277 V, and the lamp holder type falls within the standard table 1, established for residential and similar Safety and interchangeability requirements for integrated (LED) light bulbs for general lighting purposes, and test methods and conditions required to demonstrate compliance. The standard will come into effect on September 13, 2022.

5. Thailand's new toy safety standard will be implemented on September 22. The Ministry of Industry of Thailand issued a ministerial regulation in the government gazette, requiring TIS 685-1:2562 (2019) as a new standard for toy safety. The standard applies to toy components and accessories intended for children under 14 and will become mandatory on September 22, 2022. In addition to providing a list of products that are not considered toys, the new standard specifies the physical and mechanical properties of products, flammability and labelling requirements for chemical substances.

6. The U.S. Consumer Safety Specification for Baby Bathtub Standards came into effect on September 24. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a direct final rule approving an update to the Baby Bathtub Safety Standard (16 CFR 1234). Each baby tub shall comply with ASTM F2670-22, Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Baby Bathtubs, effective September 24, 2022.

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